A compact, lightweight digital camera with 35mm film-like image quality; the most complete and powerful digital production system ever built.

Sony PMW-F3L XDCAM Camcorder

An affordable 35mm Camera for high budget to lower budget productions.

RED Epic

RED’s flagship video camera, which uses a full-frame S35mm Mysterium X sensor, matching the quality of 35mm film at 5k resolutions. The EPIC can also shoot frame rates up to 100 FPS.

Canon EOS 7D

A 18MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera with 3-inch LCD and modified to accept PL-Mount lenses.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II

A top-flight full-frame DSLR that really delivers.

Sony HDW-F900/3

1080i/p Camcorder Package.

Sony HVR-V1U

1080 24P HDV Camcorder Package
[2] Sony DR-60 HDV Hard Drive Recorders for HVR Camcorders
Other HDV cameras available include the Sony HVR-Z1U 1080i HDV Camcorder as well as the Sony HVR-A1U 1080i HDV Palmcorder.

Legacy Formats Available:

A Complete List of Standard Definition Legacy Equipment including cameras, lenses, monitors, video switchers, recorders, etc. is available upon request.

* Cameras include case, manual, rain cover, camera plate, power supply, batteries and specified lense(s). Equipment specifications available upon request.


Cooke S/4 Prime Lens Set 14mm- 18mm- 25mm- 35mm- 50mm- 75mm- 100mm- 135mm
Canon 15.5-47mm available in both PL or EF mount
Canon 30-105mm available in both PL or EF mount
Angenieux 25-250mm
Canon Cine Style
Canon 11x4.7 ENG Style
Canon 17-40mm EF Mount
Canon 24-70mm EF Mount Canon 24-105mm EF Mount
Canon 70-200mm EF Mount
Canon 100mm Macro EF Mount
Century 2X Extender

Camera Support

Sachtler Panorama fluid head w/sticks & spreader
Sachtler Video 20P fluid head w/sticks, spreader & dolly wheels
Dana Dolly with combo stands & 4’, 6’ or 8’ rails.
Sled Dolly with [3] 8’ rails.
Doorway Dolly [and Doorway Dolly/SteadiCam Combo].
[2] VariZoom DV Media Rig Shoulder Support Systems
Glidecam 4000 [POOR MAN'S STEADICAM] For cameras up to 10lbs
Hoodman Wristshot H-WS1 wrist camera support
[4] LANC Zoom/Focus/Record Rear Controls [for HVR camcorders]

Video Tape Recorders


Audio Mixers

[4] Lectrosonics UHF wireless microphone systems
     with Tram or Sanken COS-11P lavaliere microphones
[4] Sony ECM-77B wired lavaliere microphones
[2] Countryman E-6 over-the-ear microphones
[3] Shure SM-58 microphones
[2] Electro-Voice EV-635A microphones
BeyerDynamic M59 handheld microphone [for LOUD environs]
Schoeps "Blue" CMIT 5U Shotgun Microphone
DPA WindPac Windscreen & Suspension System
Sennheiser ME-66 shotgun microphone
Sennheiser MKH-416 shotgun microphone
[2] Boompoles with Rycote windscreens for shotgun microphones
Sound Devices 442 stereo D/C mixer
Sound Devices MixPre Microphone Preamplifier
Sound Devices HX-3 Portable Headphone DA
Shure FP-33 3 x 2 stereo D/C mixer
Mackie CR-1604 16 x 4 mixer
JK Audio THAT-2 Telephone Handset Audio Tap
[2] Fostex 6301B powered speakers

Lighting & Grip

K5600 Lighting Joker HMI Bugs - 400 Watt & 200 Watt
[3] Anton Bauer Ultra-light battery lights
[2] 12”x12” LED Light Banks with dimming & color temp ranges from 3200k-5600k
LITE Panel 2-light LED Kit
[2] Lowel 6-light kits [DP/Tota/Omni]
Source 4 “Junior” 525 Watt Pattern Spot with assorted patterns
Chimera Triolet Soft Box
Photoflex Chimera w/Tota speed ring
Chimera w/Omni speed ring
Chimera pancake w/speed ring
Photoflex flexible 48” reflector w/arm
Photoflex 32" 5 in 1 Flexible Reflector
Photoflex flexible 24” reflector w/arm
LA Rag House 12’x20’ Green Screen
LA Rag House 12’x20’ Blue Screen
Westcott 6' X 7' flexible green screen
MSE RoadRags
ProMax 9’ CobraCrane w/tripod [for cameras up to 6.5 lbs.]
Hollywood Microdolly Jib 12’ w/tripod
Hollywood Microdolly w/13’ straight track & wedges
[4] Magic Gadgets 2,000w dimmers
Matthews light stands
Apple boxes
Honda 2000w generator

Assorted Flat panel display teleprompter systems are available based on requirements.

Final Cut Studio Pro for 4:4:4 & 4:2:2 Uncompressed Editing

*16mm & 35mm film cameras available upon request. Tech manuals available for most major items.